Academic proofreading and copyediting

I offer academic proofreading and copyediting services at a range of levels. I specialise in editing philosophical work but am capable of editing work in a range of disciplines including business and finance. I have experience working with editing companies such as AsiaEdit and Lex Academic: I also take on clients directly. My rates vary according to the level of editing required. Whether you want basic proofreading of spelling, punctuation and grammar or detailed substantive improvement of your writing, I can help. I am extremely fast and efficient, and work very well to deadlines.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs and to talk about my rates.

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At this level of editing I will improve the clarity and flow of your sentences. I will sometimes edit the words you use to provide a more accurate sense of your meaning. As part of this service I will also undertake all necessary basic proofreading.

Organized Desk

Basic proofreading

If you want your work checked for mistakes in spelling, punctuation and grammar, this is the service for you. At this level, I won't substantially alter the flow of your sentences or the clarity of your writing. I will simply correct mistakes. This is the quickest and cheapest service offered.

Office with a View

Substantive editing

This is the highest level of editing I offer. If you want a substantive edit, I will provide a major overhaul of your work to improve your writing at every level. This includes structural reorganisation where need be. I can also provide feedback on your arguments, especially for philosophical pieces. This level of editing includes copyediting and basic proofreading. I charge my highest rates for this work, but it's well worth it for writing you can be really proud of.