PhD Gender Studies,
University College London

My PhD research read the early modern feminist philosopher Mary Astell through the framework of Foucault's later ethical work. I put the two thinkers in dialogue with modern feminist ethics. My PhD was examined by Professors Susan James and Stella Sandford.


MSt Women's Studies, University of Oxford

My Master's dissertation addressed gendered readings of Anne Conway's Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern Philosophy. I also took a module in Feminism and Philosophy, for which I wrote an essay developing a queer history of philosophy through a reading of Lucrezia Marinella.


BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics,
University of Oxford

I took my undergraduate degree at Hertford College, Oxford. I achieved first class results in my finals, taking papers in: Early Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Aesthetics, Post-Kantian Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Political Thought: Plato to Rousseau, Theory of Politics and International Relations.