Philosophical Interests

My PhD research brought the early modern feminist philosopher Mary Astell into dialogue with the French thinker Michel Foucault. I read Astell's Serious Proposal to the Ladies through the lens of Foucault's later work on ethics of the self. In the process, I tried to sketch a vision for a modern feminist ethic of the self. My thesis encapsulated some of my key philosophical interests: feminist philosophy, women in the history of philosophy and an expanded understanding of philosophy as an activity and an ethics, not simply a cognitive process.

I am deeply interested in Pierre Hadot's notion of "philosophy as a way of life". I am also drawn to Foucault's conception of philosophy as a spirituality and a critical practice of the self that can challenge domination. These ideas are partly why I am dedicated to helping people enact philosophy themselves and to incorporating philosophical activity into everyday life.

Other philosophical interests include the philosophy of sexuality and LGBTQ philosophy, the relationship between philosophy and mysticism, and anarchism as a political philosophy. 


Reading philosophy in 2021

I set myself the challenge of reading a philosophical text for 15 minutes every day in 2021, in any field whatsoever. So far I have read the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (Wittgenstein), "What is it like to be a bat?" (Nagel), "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" (Turing), "Logic, Mathematics, & Knowledge of Nature" (Hahn), The Philosophy of Mathematics (Linnebo) and Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals (Murdoch).

I am currently reading Michel Foucault's posthumously-published Confessions of the Flesh.